BurgerMonday Lionel Lévy Pop-Up

Recently I got to experience a Burger Monday Pop Up! Now these events are hard to get tickets for as they are so popular. Even my hardcore burger friends can’t get a seat! Luckily my random checking of Twitter found the link to buying tickets within an hour of them going on sale! Success!

Burger Monday is a series of Pop-ups run by Daniel Young of youngandfoodish.com. Daniel, seemingly fed up with fancy looking restaurants selling sub-standard food, decided to flip the idea around and serve Michelin star standard food in a regular cafe environment.

The guest Chef for this event was Lionel Levi who runs Une Table, Au Sud in Marseilles. He is well-known for his creativity in re-working French classics.

Once in the cafe, we were all thrown together on shared tables. We were lucky enough to share with some lovely people! You never know who you might be seated with at these events, but so far we have done well. The unknown element of your fellow dinners always adds to the excitement of the event.

Salmon Crumble

The Salmon was “cooked” through acidification in citric acid of lemons, limes and grapefruit juice. The Salmon was a delight to taste with just a whisper of fruity acid on the smooth, fresh salmon. The crunch of the garlic, ginger and nut topping gave it a nice bite and completed the plate well.

BLT Provençale Burger

The burger was an incredible mix of juicy red meat from O’Shea’s of Knightsbridge, tapenade, pesto, lettuce, tchoutchouka (a French tomato sauce), and bacon. The taste took me back to family holidays we used to have in the south of France. Bliss.

It was originally going to be served on burger buns, but Levi, after a visit to St John’s Bread and Wine the day before was so impressed with their sourdough bread he ended up using it for his burgers!

When I got around to eating it, it was a bit on the cold side, but that may have been as I was photographing it for so long! The burger was a real treat! Juicy, tasty and full of flavour.

Strawberry Soup

The soup was a strawberry purée served with some mint and a creamy lemon curd. It was sweet, refreshing and light – perfect end after a big burger.

The Cost was £35 including (plenty of) wine. All in all, it was a cracking experience and I would love to go back again! Thoroughly recommended (If you can book in! The last one just sold out in 20 minutes) You can try joining the mailing list.

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