Whitecross Street Market – Great Street food in London

London Street Food

If you are in need of some great street food, you should head down to Whitecross street market, off Old Street, opposite St Luke’s Church in the City of London. It serves a great variety of fresh and tasty street food.

One of Londons best street food markets

Wandering between a mix of city folk and trendy Shoreditch peeps, between “tat” stalls and the odd fruit and veg stall you will find some cracking food stalls. I have been going here for a few years now and most of the food has been amazing. Let me help to lead you to the best food the market has to offer.

Great Market Food

From the start of the Street is Sawadee, a great Thai food stall, served from the side of a transit van!!

Sawadee selling Thai Street Food

Comptoir Gourmand have opened a market stall across from their cafe selling all of their wonderful cakes, cookies, meringues and all things sweet! Sweet tooth? Head straight here! You may even get to try some samples!

Comptoir Gourmand - cakes brownies and other treats

Ravello sell authentic Italian food, lots of pasta dishes, plenty of meat and veg thrown in there too. Even the staff look Italian! If you are in need of some tasty carbs then head over to Ravello.

Ravello selling Italiann street food in London

Iskele (an extension from the restaurant in the same street) sell various Turkish pizzas, wraps and other Mediterranean treats. I love this idea! It’s pizza with food wrapped up inside it! If you have a large appetite, grab a Turkish pizza and you won’t be feeling hungry for long.

Iskele sell various turkish pizzas, wraps and other medeteranian treats

The Roast of Sherwood sell roast meat sandwiches, or even a “manwich” including roast pork, lamb, chicken and beef. All are great contenders for hearty man food that (again) will not leave you hungry!

The Roast of Sherwood - roast pork, lamb, chicken and beef sandwiches

Hoxton Beach sells the most incredible falafel I have ever eaten and therefore is one of the most popular stalls of the whole market. There may be 20+ people in the queue but they manage to serve them all in double-quick time!

The best falafels in London

Lek’s Thai Food sells a wonderful selection of freshly made Thai food, I recommend the yellow chicken curry.

Lek's - freshly made Thai food

Sunny’s Olive Tree sell a wonderful mix of healthy and tasty Mediterranean salad, you can pick and mix or have a bit of everything.  They also have a cracking selection of flavoured olives, nuts and dried fruits. Try the chilli and herb olives, they have a great kick!

A healthy and tasty mediterranean salad

Luardos sell the classic Mexican street food, the Burrito – and boy do they do it well! With a choice of pork, beef, chicken or the vegetarian option you get some choice, but that’s all you need! The food is freshly prepared every morning. Served from their wonderfully named “Jesus H-van”

Luardos - The best Burrito in London

There are various other stalls selling Thai food, Brazilian food, Indian food, Italian food, juice drinks, coffees, cakes, salt beef bagels, bratwurst sausages, Turkish sausages, Caribbean food, and even a specialist magazine stall!

Top 3 market food stalls

Its been a hard task, but I have somehow managed to put together a top 3 of the market stalls

  1. Hoxton Beach – Incredible Falafels, fresh and still warm from the fryer!
  2. Luardos – Meaty and flavoursome burritos
  3. Sunny’s Olive Tree – Heathy and fulfilling salads

Where to eat it?

To top off all of the great food stalls, the local pub the Two Brewers will let you bring in your market food to eat as long as you buy a drink!If it’s a sunny day, Fortune street park is a stones throw away (behind the pub!) with plenty of grassy areas and park benches to sit down and eat your lunch.

Take your market food into the pub

If you  are looking for a great London street food market, then head down to Whitecross Street, don’t be put off by the queues, there’s a good reason for them and they don’t last too long.

About Tom Nixon

Peanut Butter Diet convert since visit to the Fat Duck! I run Stokey Secret Supper.
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7 Responses to Whitecross Street Market – Great Street food in London

  1. cwildman says:

    Looks like a fantastic mix of delicious street food, will have to try on my next visit to the Smoke!

  2. Liz Giannini says:

    This is a great post – thanks! I will share with my U.S. friends heading to London…

  3. Nice post! I’m there on Thursdays and Fridays on the Waitrose end selling luxury homemade chutney, jelly and jam. Come and say hello!

  4. Pingback: Bonnie and Wild – A Part-Time Seafood and Game Restaurant | Stokey Secret Supper

  5. Glyn says:

    People who go here on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday may thinkt they’ve wasted their time, because It’s only open a couple of days a week. Otherwise it’s and ordinary market.

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