Juice Diet – Part 1

A juice diet!?! Really? Me? I was unsure as well until I watched Joe Cross’s incredible transformation in his recent documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” – Click the image below for the trailer –

Joe Cross Juice Diet

What can I say, I’m a sucker for happy endings! It also highlighted to me how important my health is. Over the past few years I have been slowing getting healthier and I have dropped from 17 to 13.5 stone. But on a 5ft10 frame that is still overweight and there was still a little too much around the midriff! So this film inspired me to start juicing!

I had a juicer at home, it was a huge one that whizzed at 100mph making loads of noise and was a pain to clean. I made a few juices with it over the next few weeks to try out what I liked (don’t bother trying uncooked sweet potato – It made me sick!)

While relaxing, overeating and researching everything about juicing whilst in Marrakech, I saw this video showing how much better slow/auger juicers are!!

What a difference eh! I realised I needed a SLOW juicer. I decided to start the juice diet the day I got back from holiday, so i thought I could get a new juicer the same day! Oh, and visit Costco to buy bulk fruit and veg!!! I went for the Matstone 6in1 juicer from Juice Producer.

Matstone 6in1 Juicer

Following Joe Cross’s lead from the film I decided to go with 1 smoothie of 100% fruit and 3 juices of 20% fruit and 80% veg each day. To only other thing I planned to eat, oops I mean drink, was water.

Here are my daily juices in all their glory –

Daily Juices

Watch out for the next post – Juice Diet – Part 2 – Did I last on the juice diet? Did I see any benefits? – Coming soon…

About Tom Nixon

Peanut Butter Diet convert since visit to the Fat Duck! I run Stokey Secret Supper.
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