Table Paint Time Lapse

So the stokey secret supper table needed painting – I just need to add some silly music to this time lapse –

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Chocolate Brownies

I work in the city as a Capital Investment Manager – Yaaaaawwwwn!!! So to make the days more entertaining, we started a cake club (Thanks must go to Roo who started the club, but has sadly left the office since). There are about 16 of us in the club and we bring in homemade cakes each week, so you only have to make cakes every 4 months or so (I try to get myself in every month!)

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About Tom Nixon

Let me tell you all a little bit about me!! My Name is Tom Nixon and I live in Stoke Newington, North London. My “Day job” is as a Capital Investment Manager at Telereal Trillium in the City of London. Yawn!

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Root Vegetable Bhajis and Sag Dahl

So I just missed out on the Innocent drinks (they now make food) pop up restaurant in Shoreditch. Not to worry as they kindly posted the recipes here –

Innocent recipes

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Welcome to Stokey Secret Supper

Welcome to the Stokey Secret Supper Blog!

Stokey Secret Supper is an underground secret supper club in the heart of North LondonStoke Newington.

If you are new to supper clubs, the concept is a restaurant inside someones home. You get a delightful, intimate, home cooked meal for less than the price at a restaurant. And it’s BYO booze with no corkage charge.

The links to the supper club are –
Twitter @StokeySecretSup

All things food and interesting you will find here.



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