The Fox and Anchor

I recently made a visit with my girlfriend Claire to the Fox and Anchor in Charterhouse Square in the City of London for dinner. It’s a lovely warm traditional style pub hidden away in a dead-end road. But certainly not a dead-end pub!

We were greeted by some friendly bar staff who were more than happy to help us find a free table. It was a Saturday night, so to find a busy pub in the city it was a promising sign as to the standard of the food and drink.

We started with a couple of the Native no.1 oysters, now I haven’t had oysters in a while and Claire hadn’t tried them at all. They were very fresh and tasty. The taste journey I went through was immense – I was hit with the unnerving foreign feeling of the oyster and then the salty sea taste, then the tang of the vinegar and shallot sauce – Delicious! Why have I not had oysters for so long?

For main course I went for the Steak Tartare, a dish I had been hoping to try somewhere for the first time but I had never been brave enough. Once I got the recommendation for Steak Tartare at the Fox and Anchor from Luiz at The London Foodie I thought I had to go for it! With Smithfield market so close I was hoping for a good standard of meat and I wasn’t let down. The meat was tasty and succulent, breaking me in slowly for this Steak Tartare virgin. Served with lovely thick cut chips, afterwards I was a happy and well fed man!

Claire went for the Chicken and Ham pie which I was informed was a “hot, creamy and cheesy pie of joy!” “Breaking through the flakey pastry and peering inside, my senses were astounded by the waft of traditional home cooked pie” Sounds good to me!! After a few mouthfuls she finnaly concluded that “It tasted great!”

Oh and the chips are “crispy bits of heaven,” with which I thoroughly concur. And one looked like a shark!!!

I would throughly recommend the Fox and Anchor, the service was warm and welcoming and the food was great. I will be going again. Soon.

About Tom Nixon

Peanut Butter Diet convert since visit to the Fat Duck! I run Stokey Secret Supper.
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2 Responses to The Fox and Anchor

  1. Ha ha, glad to hear you are no steak tartare virgin any longer!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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