About Tom Nixon

Let me tell you all a little bit about me!! My Name is Tom Nixon and I live in Stoke Newington, North London. My “Day job” is as a Capital Investment Manager at Telereal Trillium in the City of London. Yawn!

If you had asked anybody who knows me two years ago if I was a “foodie”, they would most definitely say “NO!” My diet consisted of peanut butter on toast/bread/muffins/pitta bread, well on any sort of bread product would do! This would be joined with a little glass of milk and sometimes I would spoil myself with some sugar puffs.

Then my Father took me to Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck in Bray for my 30th Birthday. Wow! Thanks Dad – what an amazing gift! My view on food completely changed – It was a magical life changing moment, the food was nothing short of spectacular. (Full report to follow) So Heston had become my new hero! The food at the Fat Duck is out of this world and he is an inspiration. The food was so memorable that when I think about it I can still taste every one of the dishes.

So this started me on my journey with food – cooking, creating, I want to do everything and anything with food. Everyday I am more and more intrigued with the wonders of food. I even got a Riverford vegetable box delivered to my door each week!

Then I found one of these “supper clubs” called Green Onions, So I had to try this out! Wow a restaurant in someone’s home… That I have never been to…what will the food be like? What will the people be like? I was very pleasantly surprised by the high standard of home cooked food and great hosts and company.

I thought that maybe, just maybe I could create a supper club? So for the next six months I was cooking as many dishes as I could, from every source and inspiration, restaurants, websites and books until I felt I was ready to run one myself.

So the first supper club was February 2010 and what a learning experience it was! I hadn’t cooked for 4 people before, let alone 12! I managed to convince 12 of my friends or friends of friends to sample my new cooking skills. The event was a success and I planned and carried out the next one in March. and again it was a great success.

Boom! Back to reality, I then realised I had a Master’s dissertation outstanding that I hadn’t quite finished for the last 3 years. Enough was enough, it had been lingering at the back of my mind for too long, I had to get it completed. So with the help of my girlfriend Claire I took 6 months out of everything (Bar the day job) and got it done! When completed, I realised if I can do that, then I can do anything!

Thanks Claire

So now the Masters is complete – I feel super-human! I’m back to the secret suppers.

Tom Nixon BA (hons) MSc!! Woo hooo!!

To be continued

About Tom Nixon

Peanut Butter Diet convert since visit to the Fat Duck! I run Stokey Secret Supper.
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2 Responses to About Tom Nixon

  1. Leluu says:

    look forward to one supper soon x

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